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Sustainability isn't just some fancy buzzword that we use lightly. We are committed to doing things differently and having a positive impact on both the earth and our customers. We truly believe that the only way humans can continue improving our way of life is if we all focus on becoming more sustainable in everything we do. For us, that starts with how we grow our produce.

Hyper-local: We only sell our products within the Washington, D.C. metro area. This cuts down on our transportation footprint and guarantees our customers receive their orders within hours of harvest for maximum flavor and freshness.





Lighting: We use highly efficient LED lighting to provide our plants with the exact amount and spectrum of light they need to become the most beautiful and best tasting versions of themselves.

Water: Over 70% of the world's fresh water consumption is used for agriculture. Using advanced hydroponic methods, we utilize 90% less water to produce the same amount of food than traditional agriculture. 








Nutrients: Agricultural runoff is one of the largest sources of pollution to our planet. Runoff from fertilizers and pesticides used in traditional agriculture creates problems for humans and devastates ecosystems. In our closed-loop hydroponic systems, we provide our plants with the exact amount of essential nutrients they need.









Waste: The reusable containers we use for restaurant deliveries allow us to significantly cut down on the waste produced by our operations. All plant-based waste is collected by a local compost service who transforms it into nutrient rich compost soil that will then go on to create new life in local gardens and neighborhoods. 

We are continually striving to improve our operations by cutting down on waste and seeking out new methods to reduce our overall footprint.

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