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Want to work in an indoor farm?

If so, please see our current openings below.


Farm Intern

(1 - 2 openings)

  • Interested in learning within a high-paced environment?

  • Does controlled environment agriculture and vertical farming appeal to you?

  • Want to learn about and grow rare crops?

  • Want to learn how data can be best utilized by farmers?

  • Ever thought about working at an indoor farm in the middle of a city?

  • Are you a problem solver and go-getter?

  • Do you like to work in environments where creativity and thinking outside of the box are encouraged?

  • Are you fun-loving, highly organized, always striving for more knowledge, good at problem solving, interested in CEA, interested in how food can be grown in cities with hydroponic vertical production?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please keep reading as we’d love to speak with you!


What does a Fresh Impact Farms internship entail?

In an internship with Fresh Impact, you will learn about and directly participate in the following:

  • Controlled environment agriculture and the benefits of growing certain kinds of crops indoors

  • Hydroponic substrates and the different features that make an ideal substrate

  • The different kinds of hydroponic systems and the important aspects of each that enable the consistent production of high-quality crops

  • The importance of a rock solid IPM strategy, especially for an indoor farm

  • Crop propagation from seed, cuttings, and tissue culture

  • The importance of maintaining a clean environment both from a food safety as well as crop production standpoint

  • How data driven decision making can help improve efficiency and crop quality

  • Contribute to discussions on HACCP and assist in identifying potential hazards around the farm

  • Participate in on-farm tasks (seeding, pruning, monitoring, harvesting, packaging, cleaning, etc.) and have an opportunity to participate in all other aspects of the business including marketing, productizing and sales.

  • Perform research on potential new varieties and participate in discussions with team members to determine which varieties to grow.

  • Have fun!


What is required?

Candidates should be able to work a minimum of 25 hours per week, lift up to 50 lbs (water is heavy!), have a positive attitude, have relevant coursework or be studying a relevant field (horticulture, plant sciences, agriculture, etc.), and possess a burning desire to learn. Even if you don't have relevant coursework, as long as you love plants, we'd love to meet you!  



Our farm is located in the heart of Arlington, VA. 


This is an unpaid internship, but we hope you will get far more out of it than any amount of money. We will work with interns to obtain any requisite credits or meet specific requirements pertaining to this internship.

If you are interested in an internship with Fresh Impact Farms, please send your resume and a one paragraph description of yourself, including why your unique qualities would allow you to thrive in this internship, to

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