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About Fresh Impact Farms


Who We Are

Fresh Impact Farms is the result of combining technology and innovation with the need for more flavorful, healthy, chemical-free, and sustainable produce within a hyper-local supply chain. 

Using hydroponic technology, we grow herbs, greens, and edible flowers cultivated for flavor, freshness, nutrition, and sustainability. We are dedicated to providing chefs and mixologists with the best tasting, and most beautiful, locally grown products. 

Today's industrial food system is plagued by seasonal growing constraints, lack of transparency, and products that are grown for maximum yield and the ability to travel thousands of miles, instead of maximum flavor. At Fresh Impact Farms, we are consumers and lovers of food just like you. We like to know where our food comes from and how it was produced. We also believe that good food should have great flavor!

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Meet the Team

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Ryan Pierce

Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Fresh Impact Farms, LLC. He grew up in Delaware and received a B.S. in Management from University of Delaware. Ryan has worked in a range of industries from banking, to cloud computing, and now farming. He saw an industry increasingly in need of new perspectives and decided to take a leap into the unknown. Whether through farming or advocacy, he intends to be one of the many voices pushing for systemic change within our food system to make it more equitable, sustainable and healthy.


Anna Timberlake
Operations Manager

South Carolina transplant who graduated from Newberry College with a Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry, Anna has 8 years of experience in the hospitality industry and ties to restaurants all over the DMV. What started as a volunteer opportunity during the pandemic has become a career for Anna at Fresh Impact. She is an advocate for tasty and nutritious food as well as a frequent restaurant go-er!


Cody Godfrey
Farm Manager

After recently graduating from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Studies Cody spent 5 months hiking the entire Appalachian trial, ending in early August. He is a from Northern Virginia and is actually a former intern turned employee! Outside of hiking, he is passionate about cooking and quality foods. He believes in the sustainability of hydroponics and is excited to be a part of the production team. 

John Thornton Bio Pic 2024.jpeg

John Thornton
Sales Manager

A native Vermonter, John has lived in Washington D.C. since 2006. In 2008 he started working in restaurants serving, bartending, and managing. After 15 years working in restaurants, John is excited to find an opportunity that combines his love of the hospitality industry with his passion for the environment and sustainable agriculture. When he is not at the farm, John can be found outdoors with his wife, and their dog, taking hikes all over the DMV region.


Katherine Myers

Katie graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor's degree in Plant Science as well as minors in Entomology, Mushroom Science and Technology, and Biology. She has always been passionate about making healthy and fresh foods more freely available, and is thrilled to be working in food production. Her previous work includes multiple summers at Lowe's where she honed in her skills for maintaining plants on a large scale. Katie looks forward to refining her skills and knowledge in a practical setting in an industry she has always been excited about. 


Liza Washington

Liza graduated from Virginia Tech in 2022 with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Horticulture. Liza has always been passionate about sustainable agriculture and food security. She developed an interest in hydroponics during her time at Virginia Tech. Liza spent previous summers at Colonial Williamsburg learning about colonial vegetable and ornamental garden maintenance. She is very excited to be working at Fresh Impact Farms and learn more about the hydroponics industry. 


Jedediah Chambers

An United States Air Force Veteran of 13 years in aircraft maintenance and firefighter service, he continues to serve as a dedicated military spouse and father of four.  A nomad to where the military calls, Jed calls Austin (Texas), anywhere with mountains, and where his family is home. He has an Associate of Science and is pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and Biology.  He is passionate about sustainable farming and feeding future generations with healthy and sustainably grown produce.  Ever a green-thumb, he has many plant babies and is most at peace in nature.

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