About Fresh Impact Farms

Who We Are

Fresh Impact Farms is the result of combining technology and innovation with the need for more flavorful, healthy, chemical-free, and sustainable produce within a hyper-local supply chain. 

Using hydroponic technology, we grow herbs, greens, and edible flowers cultivated for flavor, freshness, nutrition, and sustainability. We are dedicated to providing chefs and mixologists with the best tasting, and most beautiful, locally grown products. 

Today's industrial food system is plagued by seasonal growing constraints, lack of transparency, and products that are grown for maximum yield and the ability to travel thousands of miles, instead of maximum flavor. At Fresh Impact Farms, we are consumers and lovers of food just like you. We like to know where our food comes from and how it was produced. We also believe that good food should have great flavor!

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Meet the Team

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Ryan Pierce

Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Fresh Impact Farms, LLC. He grew up in Delaware and received a B.S. in Management from University of Delaware. Ryan has worked in a range of industries from banking, to cloud computing, and now farming. He saw an industry increasingly in need of new perspectives and decided to take a leap into the unknown. Whether through farming or advocacy, he intends to be one of the many voices pushing for systemic change within our food system to make it more equitable, sustainable and healthy.


Anna Timberlake
Marketing and Production Associate

New to the industry with a background in Science and Hospitality. Anna is a South Carolina transplant, graduated from Newberry College with B.S. in Chemistry, and is currently pursuing a Professional Science Master's in Urban Agriculture at the University of the District of Columbia. She is an advocate for tasty and nutritious food.

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Timothy Schutz

Production Manager

The production manager with 8 years of experience in hydroponics and agriculture. Tim graduated from Paul Smith's College with a B.S. in Natural Resource Management. He has spent his working career in multiple locations around the U.S. on an array of different growing systems. He has a strong desire to make agriculture more localized and efficient for urban environments as well as sustainable for future generations.

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Ryan Saunders
Sales and Marketing Manager

After studying history and business at James Madison University, Ryan worked as a server and manager at restaurants in Maryland, Colorado, Hawaii, Washington D.C. During the course of his career,  Ryan has developed a deep and passionate connection to the local food and restaurant industry.  In 2015, Ryan transitioned to agricultural production, and established a 52-acre farm that grew a variety of heirloom fruits and vegetables, truffle orchard, and apple trees. Since then, Ryan has worked to assist restaurants in growing their businesses and connect to local sources of produce.  

Nathaniel Root
Junior Engineer and Data Analyst

Nate is an Arlington native whose education includes a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University in Policy Analysis and Management. He's currently pursuing a Masters of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. Previously, Nate has worked in affordable housing as a data analyst and systems architect. Currently, he is helping us design our plumbing system for the upstairs expansion.