Pluto Basil

Pluto Basil


This compact, dwarf-style basil delivers excellent flavor akin to that of Greek basil in small half inch leaves. Beautiful shape and powerful aroma for such a small plant. Sold in a small clamshell. 

  • Ordering Information

    This product is sold by approximate weight based on container size. It is commonly sold in our large containers which hold appromixately 1 ounces. If ordering more than one, product may be combined into larger container to cut down on the amount of containers per order.

  • Herbal Notes

    You might think you were looking at a bunch of microgreens, to behold the tiny, dense clusters of this globe-shaped plant. Imagine Genovese basil crossed with marjoram and oregano, and you have a clear and vivid picture of this surprisingly versatile and impactful herb. Its fresh, peppery nose and faint spice make it a great add to tomato sauces or a whole host of Mediterranean dishes. It pairs naturally with olive oil, giving up its distinct perfume to the rich and fruity oil, and flourishes in hearty stews or any preparations where garlic or olives are present