Lemon Basil Tops ~3oz

Lemon Basil Tops ~3oz


This heirloom variety of sweet basil was cultivated by Janet Burns in New Mexico in the 1930s after receiving the seeds from a neighbor. Not to be confused with Lemon Basil, a hybrid between sweet basil and hoary basil, this basil variety has an intense lemon scent and taste along with a sweet finish

  • Ordering Information

    This product is sold by clamshell size. Please select the size you need when ordering. Please reach out to us if you need assistance in determining which size is right for you.

  • Herbal Notes

    Roll it around between your fingers, and let it release — let it gush — its essential oils. No exaggeration: after just a few seconds, you’ll be hard put to decide whether what you are holding is solid or liquid. On the palate, it tastes like a cross between basil and mint, with a good bit of lemon peel or lemon musk in the mix. If anything, it's even more fragrant on the tongue than on the nose. Works great in oils, with marinades for chicken or pork, and in infusions.


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